We feel our employees are special (yes that kind of special), we feel they need nurturing, we feel that a creative outlet is good for people, we feel a little nauseous when we actually see what they produce.

This is where our beloved workers can show you they are more than just lint hounds, more than just hunters of the fluff, more than just minimum wage dust jockies. They can show you they're hack writers and artists.

It makes us a bit weepy and all warm and fuzzy inside.


Flippo the Human nerf bat: Here is a little story that one Arnold Ungary wrote. It really is rather sweet we think.

Flippo Returns: That little creative powerhouse! He didn't stop did he? Arnold Ungary just kept writing, and came up with this wonderous sequel to a most wonderful story. We could just cry.

Hmmm: OK, we're not quite sure about this one on a couple of fronts: a) Now that we read this, we're not sure if we should keep him on the payroll, and b) Why we are allowing this on our corporate website? In any case, a Mr Jollymont Wiffleby created this list of... well, thoughts we guess. I wouldn't look at it if I were you, it's not quite right.