Henceforth and herewith within this document The "Lint Recovery Centre" will be known as the first party and all users, depositors and patrons will be known as the second party.

The first party can accept no responsibility for lost lint belonging to the second party, it is not our policy to guarantee the finding and/or storing of all lint belonging to the second party, just that which the first party can recover.

The first party endeavors to keep all lint in as good condition as it can and will not be held liable for lint which is damaged and/or destroyed through matters beyond the first party's control.

Hence, the first party will only be held liable, in a court of law, under the first and second acts of the thirteenth part of the eighteenth document pertaining to the handling and storage of lint, and lint related matter, henceforth known as Norm, for damage incurred to lint, and/or lint related matter, resulting from the mistreatment of afore mentioned lint and/or lint realated matter. (Mistreatment is agreed to be that which is outlined in the document "Proper handling of lint and lint related matter" By Arthur F. Bugglesworth)

All material contained within this, previous, and subsequent pages, is copyright (c) The Lint Recovery Center 1996-2006.

Any unauthorized copying and/or transmission of information contained within these pages will result in offender being punished in a court of law under that which is stated in section 9, subsection 18, paragraph 4, line 8 of "That really big book with the nice leather binding and that squiggly gold stuff on it".