Lint is predominately a greyish blue

This is probably the most commonly known fact about lint. People often notice that their belly button lint is always the same drab colour. What is less known is that it does actually come in a whole range of colours from bright greens to drab reds. The reason most people only ever see lint of the boring old blue/grey colour is because it is the most resiliant and as such survives. The other colours are all destroyed long before most humans get to lay eyes apon them.

There are many types of lint

Most people think of lint as lint...nothing more, nothing less, just lint, what they don't realise is that there are many different types, grades, and qualities of lint. You may wonder what these types are, or then again you may be dropping off to a pleasant little sleep about now; if you are actually still in the awake state here are the different classifications of lint:

Putting lint in a particle accelerator gives funny results

A seldom heard of, but fascinating effect is noticed when lint is accelerated up to extreme speeds. As it nears the speed of light lint undergoes a massive, and wonderful transformation. Lint actually becomes a glowing liquid! Amazing but true! (Would we lie to you?) While it only last for a few tantalising seconds, lint has astounded the experts in the field by doing what no other material has ever done before. Once again: Lint, we salute you!