Biffo Hundersnout:
Well, I must say I was most distraught when to my surprise I sunk my hand into my pocket looking for my trusty lint and found that it had gone. I looked everywhere, I fell into a deep depression where all I did was drink cordial and eat chocolate chip chocy-choco-chocolately cookies. I was ready to kill myself. But then I found the Lint Recovery Centre and they found my lint, and now I am the happiest person in the world because I have my lint to keep me safe. I thank you deeply Lint Recovery Centre.

Anges Littlehorn: I had lost mah lint from mah belly button and I did not know where it had gone. I did write the Lint Recovery Centre and they did find mah lint and return it to me. I am very grateful for mah lint being back in mah belly button where it belongs. Now I will not be afraid of the wild pigs no more. Thank ya'll Lint Recovery Centre.

Arnold J. Fogglesworth the third: Thank you LRC, thank you. I am most grateful for your wonderful discression with the matter of the recovery of my belly button lint. As you can imagine I would loose all social standing if anyone was to find that I had lost my collection of belly button lint. God, the horror that would be!

But you were most discrete and quick in your recovery of my lint, and for this I am eternally grateful. I also thank you for billing me only under the name LRC as I could then explain this to my wife as being a bill for the removal of a Large, Repulsive Corn. Thank you LRC!