Navel Lint Links

2002 IgNoble Prize winning Research In 2002 Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, one of the most loved popular scientists in Australia, conducted a belly button lint survey to discover exactly where it comes from and why it gathers in your belly button. Fascinating reading, wonderful photos, a lot can be learned from this site.
The largest collection of a single person's navel lint Amazing. We applaud this man, he understands the importance of lint, he has kept ALL of his navel lint since 1984. That's a long time. Although the fact that he keeps it all in jars means he's not realising the full potential of the lint that he has. The site includes photos of his collection and even includes a 3D image of a small pile.

For the preservation of so much lint, we give him high praise indeed.

Wikipedia entry We wouldn't be 'hip to the jive' if we didn't include a link to the youth of today's favourite information source, Wikipedia.
Belly Button Lint Vac We know the majority of you do not have access to our wonderous array of technical marvels for collection and storage of lint, so cheap and effective items such as this are a great tool to ensure you do not lose any precious lint. (The fact that it's listed on a page called stupid.com insults us, but we feel you must look past the indignity and see the inherent usefulness of the item)
One person's top 10 uses for navel lint Some of these are surely just there for fun, so we think they're not being 100% serious with their list. However items like using it to bundle newspapers for recycling show a rare amount of thought has gone into the list. Bravo.


Dryer Lint Links

The official dryer lint page They call it the 'official' page, but we dispute that claim greatly. Still, they do have a fine list of ideas of things to use the lint for. However, take the list with a grain of salt (or salt substitute if you're having issues with your heart) as this is dryer lint we're talking about here. Terrible stuff.
Uses for dryer lint Again, we don't think they're quite aware of how horrible dryer lint is in the scheme of things, but we do like to see it being taken seriously.
Invisible dryer lint While we deal predomintantly with the visible forms of lint, it is advisable to be aware of the invisible kind which can build up on your dryer filter.
Dryer lint through a microscope You should know the inner workings of your lint, it may save your life one day.


General Lint Links

Lint the Musical Does not actually seem to have a great deal to do with lint actually. We do like the name though.